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How Immigrants Can Help Employ US Workers

I received an email today from Richard Herman, co-author of "Immigrant, Inc. --- Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving the New Economy (and how they will save the American worker)." I asked to accept it as a guest blog and received...

Fewer US Patents Means Fewer US Jobs

I often try to balance out my writing - not being too extreme in either direction and since yesterday I ended the day with a very positive piece about the billions of dollars in communications M&A transactions, today I thought...

Market/Sell US Residency

The solution to our nation's financial problems is quite simple - sell the most valuable thing we have - permanent residency/US citizenship. People risk their lives to come to the US illegally - people would pay top dollar (and currently...

Flood us With New Careers, not Money

As most people looking for technical talent know, in the U.S. there is full employment in the tech space. In addition, it is very difficult to hire foreign tech workers as the government makes workers and employers jump through hoops...
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