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How US Immigration Policies Kill Jobs

It isn’t a new idea – I have covered it a few times in the past – but as time goes on, the policies of the US government – in both parties really, has been extremely unfriendly to immigrant entrepreneurs....

How Immigrants Can Help Employ US Workers

I received an email today from Richard Herman, co-author of "Immigrant, Inc. --- Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving the New Economy (and how they will save the American worker)." I asked to accept it as a guest blog and received...

McCain To Support Technology

It has been pretty shocking to me to see that the Bush Administration did not embrace technology in a more grand fashion. After all, Vice President Al Gore was so enthusiastic about the Internet he even claimed to invent it.So...

Democrats Say You are Lying

Here is an interesting story from CNET on Google’s need for more immigrants with H1-B visas. According to the article, some Democrats wonder if Google is doing enough to recruit Americans. The question worth asking is are these Democrats serious?...

H1-B Visas

The US has a chronic shortage of technology workers. Sure the job market has gone up and down over the past decade but today, we need more tech workers at various levels and it seems being a programmer or engineer...
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