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Bitly Hack Destroys Trust in the Web, the popular URL shortening service was hacked in 2014 and reports are now surfacing that millions of the these accounts are available online. This is an absolutely huge deal and will lead to the following problems: A total screw-up...

You need a Flip Phone for Your Data Center

The big news of the week is celebrities are eschewing smartphones for flip phones. What you ask? Yes, flip phones, those clamshell devices which most people associate with the luddite relative you just saw at Thanksgiving. The reason? They are...

iTunes and User Accounts Hacked

This past weekend I covered the hacking of the iTunes App Store and it seems user accounts now have been compromised as well. Some users have seen unauthorized spending in their accounts hit $1,400 and Apple is being slow to...

Android Runs on Older iPhones

You have to hand it to hackers... As thanks to their hard work you can now run Android and the Android OS on your 2G iPhone. Expect the 3G version to be out soon, followed by the 3GS which apparently...

Major Spanish Hackers in Jail

Few things make people as happy as knowing hackers have gone to jail -- especially when the people going to jail are some of the most active hackers on the internet. While reading a story on the subject, I learned...
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