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Could Yesterday's Market Disruption Been Prevented?

Two people with intimate knowledge of markets come up with ways the markets could improve in the future to reduce the likelihood of disruptions. Will anyone listen? Yesterday's temporary market crash has been blamed on fat fingers and/or potentially some...

Soros a Communications and Tech Fan

Billionaire investor George Soros seems to be a fan of tech and telecom as evidenced by the recent Soros Fund Management SEC filing. Holdings include a ton of familiar tech and telecom names and I listed some of them below....

Madoff Client List Disclosed

Here is a list you hope you aren't on. (PDF) It is 163 pages long but it is riddled with duplicates. TheWall Street Journal thinks this is because people had multiple accounts....

Hedge Funds on Vonage

Being that Norwalk, CT where TMC is based is so close to Greenwich, CT the hedge fund capital of the world, I heard some "hedge fund talk" today about what they think about the Vonage IPO. In a word, "buy."...
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