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Blogging Under Fire

I have been on the road for a few weeks meeting with companies around the world and I just can't wait to get it all in my blog. One of my biggest challenges is sharing everything important I hear each...

Super Tuesday Web Traffic

I was curious to see how much web traffic the various candidates have for today's Super Tuesday election and I was a bit surprised to see the results. This is where it stands so far (candidates in random order): Candidate...

Mad at Hilary Clinton

Russell Shaw is mad at Hillary Clinton due to her support for increasing taxes.   Here are my stances. I can’t decide which one makes the most sense so I am throwing them both out there.   He is right...

Hillary Clinton Champion of Net Neutrality?

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are big proponents of net neutrality and this may be the reason the big phone and cable companies have been contributing good amounts of money to at least Clinton’s campaign. Here are the details....

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Tehrani

A friend of my sister’s sent over this picture of my sister Michelle Tehrani and Hillary Clinton. Senator Clinton and Michelle were at a function together in the city. The picture is about a year old and I thought it...
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