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Google Furthers Android Everywhere Strategy

Google's recent Phonetic Arts purchase shows the search leader is serious about seeing Android in virtually any and every device you can think of. Phonetic Arts makes software which makes TTS more natural, allowing humans to have a more fluid...

Sonos Wireless Dock Review

A while back I reviewed the Sonos wireless home stereo system and was quite impressed. The product is great and in many ways shows how any company can design products which are full of functionality but minimalistic in design. In...

Sonos iPad Remote Control

I have been waiting for a over a month for the Sonos iPad application become approved because the wireless home stereo company has told me it was on its way and had new features. The software was approved last night...

Sonos Nearly Perfects Home Audio

This summer more Americans than ever are conserving cash by taking staycations and in doing so, many are looking to add nice touches to their homes to make their lives more comfortable. A new 3D TV may be one way...
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