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Important ITEXPO Content so far

We are fortunate that some of the Content Boost team at TMC came to ITEXPO in order to generate the stories and news you need to keep up to date with the market and show. I hope you find the...

IPgallery Helps Carriers Become Social Hub and More

Communications service providers once the center of the customer's world have awoken to the new reality - social and apps are the new hub. In fact, Facebook, Twitter and a wave of other social networks have fully overtaken the telephone...

Social Networks and Political Contributions

A growing trend in politics is to allow donors to share their contributions with the world. I donated money to two candidates in as many days and at the end of each donation was a request to have me share...

Hootsuite Hootlet on the iPad

On a PC, I have become dependent on the Hootsuite Hootlet which allows me to rapidly post links to social networks immediately or at a preset time. It also automatically shrinks the URL making it oh so easy to post...

Twitter Buys Tweetie to Boost GUI

As popular as Twitter has become, it is incredible that other companies provide a Twitter experience which is generally far superior to Twitter's own efforts. Tweeting URLs from a mobile device without the aid of an application such as TweetDeck...

Zultys Restructuring Documents

Recently I was sent the Zultys restructuring announcement as well as the Chapter 11 filing. If you aren't following it, there is a very lively debate taking place on my blog about the future of Zultys, what led to its...
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