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Web Transparency Aids Outage Victims After Irene

Over the last decade, social CRM has given companies a voice on a 24x7 basis – if they so choose. Companies which once were impossible to extract information from will now gladly answer questions via Twitter for the world to...

What the Post-Hurricane Irene Cavalry Looks Like

The closest thing we have to a modern-day cavalry has got to be these utility trucks hopefully on their way to restore power to millions of east-coast residents. This modern day cavalry in the videos below was spotted in Stamford,...

Turning to the Web to Prepare for Hurricane Irene

With much of the east coast bracing for the largest storm of our lifetimes it is worth asking how millions of people - many of whom haven't had to deal with a serious hurricane before are becoming informed of the...

One Hurricane Irene Tip for your Electronics

While I leave it to others to opine on tips you need to survive a hurricane in New York, I would like to just remind my readers to back up everything they have in digital format to the cloud. Photobucket...
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