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Packet8 Virtual Trunking

Last month I discussed a rumor regarding 8x8/Packet8 providing SIP trunking services. It turns out this rumor was true as today the company released the news they will not only provide SIP trunking but a more comprehensive product they call...

Big Things, Small Packages

Check out my Publisher's Outlook from the next issue of Internet Telephony Magazine. I didn't post it here because some of the content has been discussed here before and some is new. I focus on mobile VoIP, mobile access points,...

Podcast Interview: 8x8 VP Marketing Huw Rees

8x8, the company behind Packet8 service has been doing a terrific job running their company with positive financial results and new services which are innovative and unique. Some are video-based, some are mobile and others are in the call center...

Packet8 Win

I have to admit, the press release (see bottom of page) I received this morning from Packet8/8x8 may be among the most unique I have ever received as it details how Packet8 is the service provider of choice for a...

SunRocket Switch to Packet8

Yesterday I blogged about the SunRocket bankruptcy and I mentioned how although pure-play VoIP is not easy, a company like 8x8/Packet8 is doing a good job. Today I came across an article on TMCnet discussing how Packet8 is the preferred...
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