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Apple's Great Products Allow Legal Gouging

Cupertino, you seem to be becoming more driven by lawyers than product designers A dizzying number of lawsuits related to patents is a fact of life at Apple. Steve Jobs himself mentioned that Google’s Android represents betrayal and the company...

Some E-Books Now Cost More than Paperbacks

Its a staggering concept really - e-books don't need to be printed or shipped and aside from the cost to transmit an electronic book on a wireless M2M network to a non-WiFi Amazon Kindle reader, distribution is a matter of...

Bezos Says Kindle Potential now only 10% of Market

Assuming all households were once candidates for the Kindle, the iPad has just taken 90% out of the book reading market leaving just 10% - the serious book readers to buy the Kindle. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos explains in fact...
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