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Why Apple's Dropping its Pants With New iPad Price

This new device is a dramatic departure for the company... Here's whyIf you look at the innovations of the iPad over the years, the device has gotten significantly more powerful as well as lighter with each iteration. The company pioneered...

Will George Clooney's Wedding Popularize Burner Phones in Your Company?

This morning, news broke that even more celebrity nude photos of have leaked and that George Clooney handed out burner phones to wedding guests to ensure any photos taken didn’t show up on the internet after accounts got hacked. The...

Google+ Growth, Dropbox Killer: Google IS the Tech News

Google has entrenched itself is so many areas of tech they have become the technology news of the day. First off, Google+ growth has been nothing short of fantastic, in part because the company has altered search results to put...

Some iCloud Users Seeing Connection Errors

iCloud has been frustrating some users - giving them connection errors and other problems. I have been able to duplicate the error from computers on multiple computers but the problem is intermittent. One other user on the east coast has...

iPhone 4S Review with Help from Duran Duran

Two days ago I happened upon a new iPhone 4S as a replacement for my current 4 model. On the same day, I had an opportunity to go to Madison Square Garden and watch a Duran Duran concert where I...

iOS 5 Update: Steve Jobs Rolling Over Already?

I understand the title of this post may be insensitive and nothing could be further from the goal of this piece. In fact, if anything, I admire Steve Jobs so much that I feel this entry needed to be made...
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