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The Scary Apple Pay Takeover iconectiv Helps Stop

Personally Identifiable Information or PII is leaking out of companies faster than ever. Equifax had two major hacks in a matter of months, Yahoo had three-billion emails stolen and so on. We could devote this entire post to various hacks...

API of the Week: Trulioo Provides Instant Identity Verification

As hackers have become more successful, they have become emboldened and are able to attack companies via ransomware and malware as well as individuals via password theft. As ever-increasing amounts of crucial information are available electronically, the challenge then is...

Are You Ready for the Identity Economy?

With Facebook’s value being pegged around 100 billion dollars; it is easy to see why many are calling identity the new oil of the internet. And one company, UnboundID is looking to become the leader in this bold new frontier...

Google to Allow Multiple Account Sign-ins

Here is the situation - you have multiple accounts you need to check on Google and this means you need to login and logout throughout the day. And if you are like me you constantly wonder how we were able...
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