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What We Learned From the Skype Outage

As organizations move to VoIP and other forms of IP communications it is imperative they realize the world of IP is far different from the PSTN and circuit-switched networks of yesterday. While Internet Protocol is the protocol of the Internet...


Ken Kuenzel, Founder, VP Engineering and CTO for Covergence recently chatted with me about the impact of wireless technology, and the way in which SIP has changed communications, among other topics.   Offering its customers “the edge in SIP”,...

Skype Outage

Skype is out and the blogosphere is abuzz. I learned about the outage from TMCnet’s Tom Keating and now it seems both Andy Abramson and Irwin Lazar have written about the outage as well.   I am actually surprised this...

Fring on Windows Mobile

Tom Keating has the scoop on Fring coming to a Windows Mobile device near you. Why should you care? Well because Fring could help integrate your disparate communications clients into a single unified application. I am looking forward to trying...

Stop IMing Me

Finding the Holy Grail of Unified Communications   We all have our peculiar ways of working and mine is e-mail centric. It is precisely this love of e-mail that enables me to really find a product like SpinmyVmail useful...


IBM is not a stranger to VoIP but I thought this news about IBM seriously embracing video and VoIP was worth reading. Oh, and by the way, there is a Linux hook as well. ...
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