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Microsoft Under Scrutiny

In a recent post I mentioned that years back I launched the world's first Tablet computing conference and at the time our fortunes were tied to Microsoft. Obviously the tablet PC market did not take off and now that the...

NEC, Microsoft, HP Labs and Comcast News

I was traveling yesterday and I didn't get a chance to communicate with my blog readers in the detail I would normally like to give. This morning I decided to share all the news that caught my eye from last...

More on Frontline

Here is another Frontline article worth reading by InfoWorld.  Frontline and other supporters of an open-access broadband network say the 700MHz spectrum auctions represent the last chance for the U.S. to create a new broadband network to compete with cable...

InfoWorld on Patent Reform

Let’s hope patent reform gets a great amount of momentum in our government and it actually happens. Large companies are indeed hoarding patents and using them as weapons to crush smaller companies. Patent litigation seems to be increasing by the...
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