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Excited to Judge #AARPInnovationAwards for Caregiver Solutions

I’m excited to be part of a new AARP initiative! I will be on a panel of distinguished judges for the AARP Innovation Champion Awards which will recognize and reward ageless innovation in technology with a focus on caregiving.Nominate/submit your...

Changing The Rules (Again) to Save Newspapers

Many people are very fed up with the idea of changing the rules to save favored institutions - TARP, the bailing out of AIG, Citibank, GM, Chrysler and underwater homeowners at the expense of the companies and people who played...

Why Less Investment Can be Good

It seems the common sentiment is the lower amount of venture capital we see today is negative for the US economy. The New York Times even says we are in a VC crisis. Let me give you a contrarian point...

Bill Gates on Innovation

While short on too many specifics, Bill Gates believes there will be tremendous innovation in technology going forward. Gates was specific in the area of TV where he predicted that the TV and computer will merge. As this happens, we...
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