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Obviously VoIP is Alive and Well

  A Phoenix rising from the ashes -- not sure this is the appropriate image but it sure is colorful A few people have asked me recently to throw my hat in the ring about the health of VoIP. Many...

Being Part of Squawk Box

I spent part of my morning on Alex Saunders' Squawk Box -- a gathering place for industry analysts and thought leaders to discuss important technology issues of the day. Topics today included Ariel Waldman's harassment allegations against Twitter. This conversation...

T-Mobile VoIP

Andy Abramson really likes T-Mobile’s VoIP plan based on a potential new device the company could be rolling out soon in the US. What is the device? Something which allows FMC for the home and small business market. It allows...

Jajah and Iotum

Blackberry users are having a banner day as fist they are able to run their programs on Windows Mobile computers and now Iotum and JaJah are collaborating to allow the power of Jajah’s calling network to be combined with Iotum’s...

Iotum Talk-Now

Can You Hear Me Now? Whoops Sorry About That. I would never have started a magazine with the name of SIP if I didn’t believe presence was going to change the way the world communicates. Innovative developers the world over...

Just in Time Communications is Close

We are getting closer to realizing the dream of Just in Time Communications or JiTC. As you may recall, JiTC is the concept of squeezing inefficiency out of communications. It is very similar to real-time communications but different in one...
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