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Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Top 20 Must Know Thoughts

After spending a good deal of time with the iPhone 6 Plus, I feel confident enough to point out its pros and cons. Hopefully you’ll find this list useful when making a decision regarding a smartphone purchase.Pictured above: iPhone 6...

The Myth of the Bendable iPhone 6 Plus

I spent a good deal of time in the Apple Store today bending iPhone 6 Plus models. Guess what... None of them bent. Not even a little bit. I tried virtually everything and still, no sign of warping. No problems....

How to Choose Between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

For the first time ever, Apple introduced two phones of different sizes at once. This is a huge deal for the company which kept the original phone screen size until the iPhone 5. The good news it is potentially easy...

Sorry Apple, This is Really Samsung's Month

I find if you write about Android or Apple, you are often a target for people who will flame you on social media for being pro-Samsung/Google or Apple. Actually I am not pro-anyone... I use Android, iOS and Windows 8...

Samsung Ad: Apple is Late to the Large Screen Market

For many years people like me have been saying Apple needs a larger screen device. It took a long time and they finally came out with one. Samsung of course was there to (rightfully) make fun of the company....
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