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Dilithium Networks Takes on Mobile Video

The mobile video opportunity grows by leaps and bounds and with bigger mobile screens and faster wireless broadband networks, we can expect larger amounts of revenue to be derived from mobile video by carriers and content providers. Dilithium Networks (,...

ITU Complements FCC

I thought it was interesting to read the director-general of the International Telecommunication Union, Hamadoun Toure said the agency would be just one of many organizations involved in shaping the Internet's development. "It is not my intention to take over...

Leap Second

Wondering what scientific debates are going on as a result of the new year? Take a look at this article on leap seconds. Things that you will learn:In 1958 an atomic second was defined as the time it takes for...

Speech And Audio Codecs

Take a look at TMCnet's newest channel, speech and audio codecs. The channel is sponsored by VoiceAge and will keep you posted on news and analysis in the rapidly evolving codec space....
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