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11 Things Yahoo Must Do Now That Yang Has Stepped Down

As reported on TMCnet yesterday, Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo has stepped down from the board to pursue other interests. We have a great deal to thank Yang for – as the first company to categorize the web and build...

Yahoo Action Plan

What should Yahoo do now with new CEO Carol Bartz? Here is one man's opinion and some of these ideas are quite good. I especially like the concept of buying twitter but what would it be worth? Could it be...

Yahoo Looks to Google

Yesterday's news regarding the talks breaking down again between Yahoo and Microsoft leads very nicely into today's news that Yahoo will be displaying Google ads on select portions of its site. Yahoo estimates about $800 million in revenue from this...

Microsoft and Yahoo at it Again!

In a story that makes news mostly on weekends, it seems Microsoft is once again in talks with Yahoo. This time the software giant based in Redmond, Washington is thinking about buying some of Yahoo -- not all. I wonder...

Tellme Just a Small Yahoo?

If you want to get an idea of what Yahoo could possibly look like after a Microsoft acquisition, it may be useful to look at Tellme, a company Microsoft acquired last year. It is worth pointing out that Tellme was...
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