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Despite Complaints, Tech Wealth Helps Society

The pace of entrepreneurial activity fueled by tech wealth isn’t slowing down… In fact it is accelerating at dare I say “Internet speed.” Just last week I discussed how Tech Leaders Brin, Zuckerberg and Bezos are changing everything as the...

Put Down That Danish -- You are Destroying the Plant

When I read about obesity causing global warming I wasn't surprised. After all, look at how hard airlines try to shed a few dozen pounds from an airplane just to save weight -- which in turn will save fuel. All...

Voce Signals Failed MVNO Experiment

Is it safe to say that if Sprint itself can barely make it as a mobile carrier, then companies that have to pay Sprint and others for their network to resell their services will have an even harder time?...

Jesus Phone

The LA times has a comprehensive overview of Apple’s iPhone or as the article references “Jesus Phone.” In addition there is some focus on security, the FCC and the 700 MHz auction....

Quoted in Los Angeles Times

I was quoted in today’s edition of the Los Angeles Times regarding the Verizon Vs. Vonage case. I had a busy day yesterday and I received quite a few calls from reporters regarding this issue. I already blogged about the...
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