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Lasers are the Future of Drone Fighting

I’ve been among the first people to realize how drones can be a major problem for security in the world. In February 2014, in fact, I said there was a coming urban drone war and since then, drones with guns...

Wearable Computing: Your Hand Becomes the Keyboard

There all sorts of companies working on glasses which they believe will either replace or augment the smartphone. Question is, exactly how do you type on such a device? The answer according to Google is to project a keyboard on...

Most Accurate Clock

Reuters reports on the world's most accurate clock. How many ticks per second does such an endeavor require? Try 430 trillion! Its pendulum uses thousands of strontium atoms suspended in grids of laser light. This allows the researchers to...

Broadband in Space

NASA has just recently announced that they have communicated bidirectionally from a an earthbound space station with a spacecraft using a laser. More amazingly the laser communication was 25 million miles away! As opposed to radio waves, lasers can pack...
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