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California Lawmakers Plunge Some Transactions into 3rd World

California has come up with a law that hurts the very people it says it is protecting by making it difficult to record call center transactions. Penal code 632 of California law says in-part: (a) Every person who, intentionally and...

Supreme Court Justices are Tech Novices

Last night I was made aware of the case of Ontario v. Quon where a SWAT officer in the Ontario, CA city had his personal pager messages read and sued based on the idea that his messages were private. While...

Google Employee Enforces Cell Phone Ban in Cars

Absolutely hilarious - A Google employee decided he would take a stand against drivers who talk on their cell phone in their cars by well - standing in front of a car where the driver was talking on the phone....

NY to Tax Amazon Purchases

There is just something so mind-boggling about our nation's tax collection system. I was reading this MSNBC article about how New York State is looking to and likely will tax purchases and it goes on about how New Yorkers...

TorrentSpy Case Ramnifications

I just learned of, a site which allows users to search for files on a p2p network named BitTorrent. Typically this isn’t something I would devote brainwaves or electrons to but in this case it seems like an important...
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