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Apple in 2008

It looks as if Apple will release a new iPhone with more memory next year as well as an iPhone which works on 3G networks. I have covered the 3G network news before as you may recall. In general, laptops...

Skype for Mac Improved

Skype for Mac has a new beta version 2.6 available here and it’s brimming with new features. In addition you can expect improved sound quality and software stability according to the company. There is a nifty new call transfer feature...

Of VoIP, Macs and Intel

VoIP belongs in a bar. Or that is what many market researchers will have you believe. Their research shows as many people think VoIP is a type of Vodka as it is a type of telephony. In case you are...

Skype For Mac

I noticed Tom Keating’s blog today saying that the new version of Skype for the Mac has been releases. The official release is And no, I am not sure why the new release number looks more like an IP...
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