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Flash to SIP Video and Back

I just read about a company which allows Flash to SIP and SIP to Flash video calls. This could be useful for situations where SIP is not an option for whatever reason. According to ISC the company behind, video...

Why Mac Users Pay More for OS X

There is no question Microsoft could charge more for its OS if it worked as well as products from Apple. This is the feeling of ZDnet's Robin Harris and it is difficult to agree with the many lucid points made...

Apple in 2008

It looks as if Apple will release a new iPhone with more memory next year as well as an iPhone which works on 3G networks. I have covered the 3G network news before as you may recall. In general, laptops...

Skype for Mac Improved

Skype for Mac has a new beta version 2.6 available here and it’s brimming with new features. In addition you can expect improved sound quality and software stability according to the company. There is a nifty new call transfer feature...

Of VoIP, Macs and Intel

VoIP belongs in a bar. Or that is what many market researchers will have you believe. Their research shows as many people think VoIP is a type of Vodka as it is a type of telephony. In case you are...

Skype For Mac

I noticed Tom Keating’s blog today saying that the new version of Skype for the Mac has been releases. The official release is And no, I am not sure why the new release number looks more like an IP...
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