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Microsoft, SNL, Sprint and Softbank News for Monday October 15, 2012

Microsoft is jumping into the music business and this is perhaps the biggest news of the day and possibly the week. Redmond is now offering ad supported music streaming and going up against Sirius XM, Pandora and Apple’s iTunes all...

Apple Responds to Locationgate

With the controversy surrounding the data being gathered by smartphones with Apple and Google operating systems, Apple has decided to come out with an explanation of what exactly it is doing and why. Here are the salient points of what...

C3 Technologies Advances 3-D Maps

Stunningly realistic 3-D mapping technology is coming out of C3 Technologies - a company using multiple cameras on airplanes coupled with missile-targeting tech to provide users with incredibly realistic maps which include pixel-depth mapping allowing you to know exactly how...

11 Reasons Why Google Needs Retail Stores

It is becoming clear the world is gravitating towards everything Apple sells and even worse for the competition is Cupertino is setting the tone for product launches, making the rest of the tech world play perpetual catch up. Even...

Yahoo's Voice Search Ambitions

Yahoo has just invested $20 million in vlingo a voice recognition company specializing in the mobile market. Yahoo!, leveraging this relationship, announced the launch of a voice-enabled version of Yahoo! oneSearch, a new mobile search client that supports unstructured, open-ended...

Web 2.0 comes to CRM

The above graphic is a bank mashup showing all banks in Norwalk, CT -- where TMC headquarters are located. (credit: A logical place for mashups to show up are in customer relationship management applications where they can allow...
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