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Occupy Protestors get "Arrested" App. "Irony" App Needed

It is difficult to know what the “Occupy” protestors want but it seems they aren’t happy with the way Wall Street works and believe it’s rigged; salaries are too big, etc. But whatever the reason they are there, some of...

Herman Cain Page Views Greater Than Others Combined

As of tomorrow it will be three weeks since I wrote my post regarding Herman Cain Crushing it Online and to see how much staying power he has I went back to Alexa and did some analysis on all the...

Marxism Mainstream, Witchcraft a Problem

I am wondering how the mainstream media has become enamored with a Tea party candidate's dabbling in witchcraft - repeating the story over and over. But when our President had numerous Marxist connections and still does, non of it got...
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