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Changing The Rules (Again) to Save Newspapers

Many people are very fed up with the idea of changing the rules to save favored institutions - TARP, the bailing out of AIG, Citibank, GM, Chrysler and underwater homeowners at the expense of the companies and people who played...

The Browser is the Computer

Years ago Sun CEO Scott McNealy said the Network is the Computer - Google hopes he's right Apple can do no wrong - they never could. The company has always had zealous fans who considered Apple products to be like...

Google, Blackberry and Skype News

Two things worth noting this morning have to do with mobility and video. First off, Google Calendar now syncs with Blackberrys. This is big news, allowing corporations to slowly wean themselves off of Microsoft software if they so choose. As...

ITEXPO: No Comment

Blogged via wireless handheld ...

Web 2.0 Blog

If you are interested in Web 2.0 topics check out Pete Cashmore’s Mashable blog. It is well written and gives a great overview what you need to know about next-gen Internet products, services and especially ideas....
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