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Communications, Speech Markets Have Positive Outlook

Two days -- two shows, two cities and two trains which left at dawn. Wow... What a rush. What I picked up from the Channel Partners (Boston) and SpeechTek (New York) shows is  the communications market and the call...

Voice Mashups And Your Communications Future

What is the future of communications? One acknowledged thought leader in our field is Thomas Howe and his consulting company which bears his name is the place you go when you want to know. Howe and I were recently on...

Google Chart API: 2008 Mashup Fuel

With all the talk of web mashups I find it amazing that the most interesting ones still seem to be map-based and especially revolve around the Google Map API. Although Google doesn’t monetize this API, the free publicity the company...

Marketing in the New World Order

Tomorrow I will be speaking in sunny Phoenix, Arizona on “Marketing in the New World Order”. I often write about a plethora of new technologies and tomorrow I get a chance to weave together my knowledge of marketing and technology...
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