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How Apple Shattered this Startup's Plans

Over a year ago the web was abuzz with talk of a new mobile payments player Clinkle which was to have a different take on payments. One of the company's innovations was to allow the transfer of money via high...

Mobile Banking and Payments the Next Frontier

Without a doubt, one of the greatest new frontiers for technology is to take the banks and credit card companies out – the same way tech companies have taken out retailers, film producers such as Kodak, florists, record companies and...

Do Not Call AMEX Unless You Want a Call Back

American Express is about to change its terms of service agreement allowing them to call or SMS you on ANY number you call them from. What this means is if you borrow a friend's phone, use a pay phone or...

Mobile Banking to Skyrocket

If you are looking for business opportunities, you may want to think about mobile banking as the market is set to take off. When you consider analysts estimate over 100 million mobile banking users will be created in the next...
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