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Skype, FCC, IBM and Tech News Before New Year's

While the week before Christmas and New Year’s is typically slow with regards to news, the huge blizzard which hit the northeast really started things off with a bang. A foot-and-a-half of snow hit the area around TMC headquarters in...

Just Give it Away (at first)

I am sitting here at the DFW airport, looking forward to getting home but not thrilled about the 50 degree temperature drop I will be experiencing. While at the food court furiously checking email and blogging, a McDonald's representative walked...

Atlanta: Most Wired US City

I have to be honest when I say I was surprised to read that Atlanta, GA is considered to be the most wired city in the US. When you look at the reasons however it begins to make sense. As...

Cell Phone Bar Code Reading

There is a recent article in the New York Times worth reading regarding cell phones becoming barcode readers. the technology has been talked about for a number of years but when an article gets published in the New York Times...

iPhone Vs. iPhone: Cisco Vs. Apple

Tom has done a great job on this article and he is right on here – on many fronts. This is a must read if you are interested the iPhone vs. iPhone case. He cites trademarks and the shell company...

I am not Driving

Since I am not driving I get a chance to catch up on e-mail and blog a bit. I have a few unfinished articles I may get to finish on this trip. Apparently McDonalds on I95 has a brand new...
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