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FCC, Martin and the Democrats

I thought this was an excellent article about the Democratically-controlled Congress and how they may clash with the FCC and especially Chairman Martin (read Martin’s past views on broadband competition). The article also touches on the relationship between Chairman Martin...

Net Neutrality Safe For Two Years

Yesterday I wrote about ensuring net neutrality and just to show you how fluid the telecom market is, today AT&T may have ensured net neutrality for all of us last night. Well at least for 24 months. The company...

AT&T/BellSouth FCC Vote to Take Place

The AT&T/BellSouth merger has been deliberated by the FCC for quite some time. On October 13 of this year reports circulated about how the FCC vote was to be pushed back. It is now almost two months later and there...

FCC Delays the AT&T/BellSouth Merger Again

The FCC commissioners remain deadlocked on the AT&T/BellSouth merger and although it is widely believed the merger will happen, it is the conditions placed upon the new company – employing 300,000 employees that has ye to be decided. This article...

FCC: AT&T Now Guards the Cheese

Many people think one of the best things the FCC ever did was to put someone associated with COMPTEL on the commission. In my conversations at every level of the telecom industry, executives tell me consistently they think the FCC...

Bush to Nominate Robert McDowell to FCC

President George W. Bush is expected to nominate telecommunications lawyer Robert McDowell to fill the third Republican seat on the five-member Federal Communications Commission according to a story from Reuters. This news is crucial to the future of telecommunications because...
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