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Prediction: Meg Whitman Lasts at HP 12 Months Max

By Now you know Meg Whitman is replacing Léo Apotheker as CEO of HP. Look, I personally like Meg Whitman - she is dynamic, energetic and ran eBay for a good while. Two of the major products under her were...

Skype Pre-IPO Report Card

It was back in 2007 when my fellow bloggers and journalists told me that Skype was a dog, had no future, couldn’t make money and wasn’t going anywhere. I begged to differ – the way I saw it the company...

Crucial Google and HP News

Here's a quick digest of the news you need to know from the past hour: 4 HP directors are stepping down - these are the one who pushed out Mark Hurd in the weird soap opera style of the "he...

JoltID Files Injunction Against Skype

Skype Founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom seem dead set on killing off Skype. The company they own JoltId - which controls the p2p technology used by Skype, has filed an copyright suit, now in the US with an injunction...

Why Verizon Just Did The Web a Huge Favor

The Web's Gain is Google's loss This is an important time of year for cybersquatters as one of them just lost a $33.2 million dollar case against Verizon. The details are as follows... A company called OnlineNIC was ordered by...

Whitman Departs: What it Means to Skype

Meg Whitman was the person who put the Skype deal together at eBay and over the past year it has become apparent that Skype is not generating the revenue eBay hoped it would. In addition, in the last 12 months,...
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