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Tehrani's Train Fixed

It took about 45 minutes or so but the stuck train is moving for now and I can't wait to get off this thing and start recharging all my gadgets at the Avaya Press and Analyst meeting today in New...

Tehrani Stuck on Train

Remember that swanky Metro North train I bragged about a few minutes ago? well it's now broken. Damn Murphy's Law. We've been stuck on the track for 20 minutes or more. This is why you fully charge your devices at...

Debate Over In-Flight Calling Continues

The debate about using phones on flights has continued for a few years and currently through a mix of regulations and technology firewalls, passengers are prohibited from talking while in-flight. The USA Today reports that a coalition of manufacturers, carriers...

What AT&T Earnings Tell us

AT&T just reported earnings and revenue (release) was down slightly - 0.6% or $30.57 billion. Most of the 1.2 million net new wireless customers purchased iPhones which shows just how dependant the company is on Apple for its wireless growth....

UK Trains Get Free WiFi

Living on the east coast of the US I am lucky to have access to a rail system which is not the best in the world but definitely acceptable. As a side note I took a Metro North train to...
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