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Yahoo and Nokia Sync on Maps and More

Yahoo is a web powerhouse in terms of page views - ranked number four in the world by While the company seems to get a fraction of the press that Google gets - and more recently less than Twitter...

Google Employee Enforces Cell Phone Ban in Cars

Absolutely hilarious - A Google employee decided he would take a stand against drivers who talk on their cell phone in their cars by well - standing in front of a car where the driver was talking on the phone....

Skype Steals Show at ITEXPO in Los Angeles

The 20th ITEXPO which began on September 1, 2009 was nothing if not full of buzz and industry news thanks to Skype has been a news-generating machine. Video clip of the ITEXPO Keynotes I have rarely seen any company in...

The Browser is the Computer

Years ago Sun CEO Scott McNealy said the Network is the Computer - Google hopes he's right Apple can do no wrong - they never could. The company has always had zealous fans who considered Apple products to be like...

Michael Arrington Takes Leave

TechCrunch has become one of the most influential tech sites on the web getting many scoops and doing a great job analyzing the tech space. But what some call an influential style has led to a string of death threats...

GrandCentral Outage

Today was apparently a bad one for GrandCentral customers as many report the service was out for hours. As mentioned by TechCrunch, if you want to be phone company you can't go dead....
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