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HP Outbids Dell for 3PAR

A commentator on CNBC said this morning that Dell just can't catch a break - this was in reference to the fact that HP just jumped into the 3PAR bidding ring with an offer one-third greater than Dell's. According to...

Dell, Toyota, BP: Sometimes a Reputation Can't Be Repaired

Two of the most celebrated brands in the world this past decade have certainly been Dell and Toyota and the companies were so good in fact that universities used them as models other companies should aspire to. We are talking...

Dell Adamo, a Smart Move Upmarket

 For decades Dell took advantage of the commoditization of the PC market by being the low-cost leader but they need to do more if they want to increase their earnings. The PC and Laptop markets are under pressure from netbooks...

Red Campaign

Bono, Michael Dell and Bill Gates were interviewed by CNBC regarding the Red Campaign explaining that when you buy particular computers -- your products weill be responsible for contributions of $50-$80 to their cause which equates to about 6 months...

Dell's XPS One desktop

I have always wondered why the entire PC market is just so inept. Apple routinely designs better looking computers and charges a premium for such products. Not so for PC makers who think if they keep designing commodity looking...
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