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More on the Skype Soap Opera

If you are interested in the Skype/Joost/eBay soap opera of recent months, be sure to check out this article from Brad Reese which shows a chain of emails between Mike Volpi and a number of other execs involved in the...

Skype Soap Opera Update

A fascinating bit of reporting from the Wall Street Journal confirms some things that many in the communications industry already knew and some things we didn't. eBay doesn't get Skype - this is as obvious as it gets.The current Skype...

Skype Steals Show at ITEXPO in Los Angeles

The 20th ITEXPO which began on September 1, 2009 was nothing if not full of buzz and industry news thanks to Skype has been a news-generating machine. Video clip of the ITEXPO Keynotes I have rarely seen any company in...
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