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Apple Pay Vs. Google Wallet

Replacing credit cards can likely only be done if the new system is dead-easy to use and it moreover has to be accessible by novice and expert alike. To that end, I tested Apple Pay and Google Wallet without prior...

Mer Group Describes Future Innovations at MWC 2014

In many emerging markets there is a black market for money, corruption and fraud. It is for this reason that Mer Group has customized its mobile money platform and added budget managent, transfer and dedicated money solutions in addition...

PayPal Unveils Innovative Payment Solutions at MWC 2014

One of the more exciting companies at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona has to be PayPal as they announced their payment solutions are built into Samsung Galaxy S5 allowing you to pay with your finger. Also the PayPal app... an App Store for Commerce from eBay

How the “now-boring” auction site is trying to become the hub of commerce Since the launch of the iTunes App Store there has been a rush to emulate the success of Apple by owning an ecosystem which is powered by...

Mobile Banking and Payments the Next Frontier

Without a doubt, one of the greatest new frontiers for technology is to take the banks and credit card companies out – the same way tech companies have taken out retailers, film producers such as Kodak, florists, record companies and...

PayPal's iPhone App Success and More

PayPal's Eric Duprat spent some time talking with me today about his company's success in the mobile world. The first thing worth sharing is they have opened up their developer program and you can find the site at Other...
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