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Encryption Vs. Recording Industry

In p2p sharing networks the latest weapon the file sharers are deploying is encryption. Sure encryption has been around for years but it seems the file sharers are now using the technology coupled with services like BitTorrent.   According to...

Share Music, Get Fined

In case you haven’t heard of the woman who was fined $220,000 for sharing music, here she is with her feelings on the matter. If you feel up to it, this link will allow you to donate to her cause....

Nokia N800 Question

I received the following question today regarding the Nokia N800:   I'm seriously thinking of purchasing the Nokia N800. Since it is strictly a wireless device is there really enough free public wireless to make the purchase worthwhile. I'd be...

Apple beats Apple

  It looks like Apple Computer will be able to continue to sell music under the Apple brand in the UK. They just won a lawsuit brought on by the Beatle’s label Apple Corps. You know I figured the surviving...

Legal p2p File Sharing in France

Is France becoming the most tech savvy country of the west? Perhaps not but France’s lower house has agreed to legalize peer-to-peer file sharing. In a surprise decision, just 2 out of 58 votes decided the outcome.The measure, introduced as...
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