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And Then it Hit Me, Open Always Wins

We know the history of the PC market - Apple had great products but a closed ecosystem and subsequently the PC - originally based on IBM components and design eventually won the war for the desktop.In the eighties, I made...

2010 Vancouver Olympic iPhone Apps

Here are 10 winter Olympic apps suggested by Network World. As I am going next week I thought I would get in the spirit and start downloading. So far I picked up the following (all links immediately below lead to...

More on the Skype Soap Opera

If you are interested in the Skype/Joost/eBay soap opera of recent months, be sure to check out this article from Brad Reese which shows a chain of emails between Mike Volpi and a number of other execs involved in the...

TMCnet Search

We are always trying to innovate here at TMC and recently we have been looking for a way to ensure TMCnet becomes even stickier than it currently is. Our goal is not only to be the primary destination for all...
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