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News Corp. PhoneGate Analysis and Suggestions

Based on the constant media coverage you should all be aware that reporters at a now shuttered News Corp. newspaper broke into voicemail accounts in order to get scoops. News Corp is certainly center-right in its reporting - depending on...

iTunes Opens to Adult Content

Playboy to be the first confirmed adult content offering on Apple’s industry-leading tabletI’ve been extremely critical of the iTunes App Store because I don’t believe we should allow companies to censor applications and other content. Now it seems, the rules...

Yahoo/Microsoft The Never-Ending Story

I am not sure I have the attention span to follow the love/hate story that is the Microsoft/Yahoo/Carl Icahn/Rupert Murdoch relationship acquisition/merger/whatever -- but it seems that as of this moment, Yahoo has once again rejected Microsoft's proposal -- this...

Yahoo's Choices

I have mentioned in the past that Yahoo! has no choice and that it needs to seriously consider the Microsoft offer. Since that time, News Corp. has offered an alternative to Yahoo!… The media conglomerate will give some assets...
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