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E-Mail and News Junkies

One thing I do not miss about travel is the e-mail avalanche which ensues the moment you turn on a computer to get back to work. It is quite amazing. I think e-mail is what makes us more productive and...

Latest JibJab

This is perhaps the latest JibJab. It was forwarded to me today so I am sticking with this concept. Loyal readers please let me know if I am incorrect. This is media related and average in terms of humor....

Reuters in Second Life

This is very interesting. Reuters will launch a news service in the virtual Second Life world. DiamondWare has a 3D VoIP Second Life Demo I quickly saw in February (or so) of this year and it is now ready for...

Google Licenses AP news

One would surmise from this news that Google will launch a news portal that keeps users on its site. Or perhaps the fact that they are Licensing AP content means they will stop sending visitors to other sites when they...

NY Times Goes Offline

Will the New York Times ever go offline or will Google and Amazon merge? Here is an interesting video focusing on some past history as well as the future of computing and media. It is about eight minutes long and...
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