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Latest News from Plantronics and Alcatel-Lucent

I just happened upon the latest Internet Telephony newsletter and these articles are worth a  read. The Maryland headset story is focused on another state mandating hands-free driving but what makes it interesting is that Maryland drivers have the second-longest...

Alcatel-Lucent on ng Connect

I had a chance to speak with Doug Wolf and Kurt Steinart of Alcatel-Lucent about their ng Connect ecosystem and how this new and evolving ecosystem will tie together 4G networks with consumer electronics, telematics, digital signage and more. Another...

Ng Connect's Broadband Industry Convergence Opportunity

In 1998 I was walking the halls of a prepaid calling card trade show in New York's Javits center and I mentioned to one of the vendors that the future for service providers was enhanced services. The reply from the...
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