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Regulatory 2.0 Video Feed is Live

Check out the free video feed from Regulatory 2.0 - I've been watching for a while and it is quite informative. Here is the link....

A Blow to Sanctions: Iran Now Powers Regional Internet

As Iran pursues its nuclear ambitions it destabilizes the entire region and threatens to spread nuclear war technology throughout the middle-east. Just one side-effect of this trend will be much easier access to nuclear material by terrorists and Iran is...

TMC Wishes Greg Galitzine a Fond Farewell

For nearly 13 years, Greg Galitzine has been a tremendously valuable part of the TMC team. His career started as an editor for CTI Magazine in 1996. Where he reported on the collision of the computer and communications spaces including...

The Good News is The Satellites Collided

 Is it just me or does it scare you to know satellites which can obviously return to earth for a variety of reasons can at times have onboard nuclear reactors. This is an important point as you may have heard...

Pakistan in Chaos

I swear this blog has not become a forum for Middle East views and politics but Reuters reports, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency rule in an attempt to reassert his flagging authority against challenges from Islamist militants, a hostile...
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