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IPhones Become Enhanced Services Platforms

One of the first truly useful wireless devices was the Palm 7 as it had a screen big enough to be useful and a stylus which allowed typing so a user could interact with web pages. As I recall, there...

Cablevision Optimum WiFi a True Differentiator

One of the smartest and underreported moves in the communications space is Cablevision's decision to roll out its Optimum WiFi service for free in metropolitan areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. I should mention it is free if...

On-Screen Caller-ID

Living in Connecticut, quite often I get to see the rest of the country or world get exciting new technologies before I do. It seems Connecticut is not the leading place for companies to roll things out. AT&T for example...

Switching to Optimum Voice

This was a big week for me personally as I switched service providers. I should mention I have free VoIP accounts coming out of my ears. I often test them but I haven’t switched to any of them because to...
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