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Forrester VoIP Study

Apparently VoIP Could grow more quickly according to a study from Forrester. The company says their research shows VoIP software is too hard to use. I have asked for the report but haven’t received it yet. I just wonder if...

SpamThru: P2P Anti-Virus Trojan

A state of the art p2p Trojan horse called SpamThru includes its own anti-virus software to ensure it isn’t competing with other viruses or Trojan horses. We are seeing viruses enter the age the of the ultimate selfishness where they...

Fusion Telecommunications

It is worth checking out Tom’s analysis of Fusion telecommunication’s “intriguing” p2p solution."This technology will give Fusion the opportunity to expand its existing suite of paid service offerings and participate in the growing peer-to-peer telephony market through its efonica brand,...

Top VoIP Investments/Trends

Reprinted from the January 2006 issue of Internet Telephony Magazine.Last year in response to many requests I started a Top 10 investments list in which I outlined some of the best investments for 2005. Here is an update on last...

Skype 2.0

The challenge for service providers everywhere is how to deal with Skype. The ubiquitous software is a revenue killer for the competition and while many service providers fight to add new features quickly in order to have a better product...

Ban Skype

Info-Tech Research says you should ban corporate Skype usage ASAP. Should you? Well they cite a few reasons you should such as:Skype is not standards-compliant, allowing it and any vulnerability to pass through corporate firewalls.Skype's encryption is closed source and...
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