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Interview with Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Rehan Allahwala

If you have been to a TMC ITEXPO show in South Florida, you have no-doubt seen Rehan Allahwala at the DIDX booth or walking the show floor meeting people and posting selfies on his Facebook page. If you live in...

A Blow to Sanctions: Iran Now Powers Regional Internet

As Iran pursues its nuclear ambitions it destabilizes the entire region and threatens to spread nuclear war technology throughout the middle-east. Just one side-effect of this trend will be much easier access to nuclear material by terrorists and Iran is...

Should Internet Censorship be Allowed?

 Book burning is one of the most horrific acts humans are capable of and when done by an oppressive regime with the goal being to keep information from reaching the hands of its citizens, all humans lose out. In the...

Pakistan Blocks YouTube Worldwide

It is quite scary to hear that when Pakistan ordered YouTube to be blocked, they accidentally blocked the site around the world. Can you imagine what would happen if other countries start  accidentally blocking unfriendly sites worldwide? More...

Pakistan Blocks YouTube

Remember a while back when I suggested we use YouTube as a political barometer in response to Iran blocking the video sharing site? Well, Pakistan is the latest country to join the list of YouTube blockers. More See also: Blogging...

Pakistan in Chaos

I swear this blog has not become a forum for Middle East views and politics but Reuters reports, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency rule in an attempt to reassert his flagging authority against challenges from Islamist militants, a hostile...
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