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Partnering for SEO Success

In the last two weeks I drove (well I was in the car anyway) for more than 1,500 miles meeting with tech companies in Montreal, Ontario, Massachusetts, Rochester, NY, Los Angeles and San Diego. The last stop on my latest...

Rich Tehrani Hosts SEO Webinar

In just over a week I will be hosting a webinar on search engine optimization (SEO) as it specifically relates to click ad fatigue. Many companies are spending more on pay-per-click ads than they would like and have no idea...

VoIP Inc. May Sue You Soon

So yesterday I wrote an entry titled Intellectual Property, The Other Defition of IP and later I wished I had the opportunity to shorten the title to Intellectual Property, The other IP. You know, a play on "Pork, the other...

Google Uses Technology To Enhance Ad Results

Google announced today they are rolling out their Conversion Optimizer bid management feature to advertisers who have accrued at least 200 conversions in the last 30 days. The service shows ads when clicks are most likely to occur meaning more...

Ma Bell Strikes Back

Recently I wrote an article titled Ma Google which discussed how Google needs to do anything – everything it can to have a direct pipe to customers so they can bypass service providers who could block their access.  ...

NY Times Goes Free

Two years ago I discussed how the New York Times would start charging for content. I gave the plan a 25% chance of working and said the company would change course in 18 months. Here is that blog entry.  ...
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