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Did the Itanium Really Cripple Computing?

John Dvorak has some interesting ideas about how the Itanium processor took down the entire computing industry a notch. He some great points and what he says about how the Itanium got analyst praise reminds me of how the analysts...

Dr. Dobbs Journal Goes Away

In full disclosure TMC competes with the company formerly known as CMP (now Techweb) but I am still very sad the company stopped printing Dr. Dobbs Journal. Although I run a global integrated media company today my background is engineering...

PCMAG To Stop Printing

Too bad... This pub was an early inspiration to me. It will live online though. My other inspiration was InfoWorld and sadly it is gone as well.This is what Tom Keating had to say....

Microsoft/Facebook Analysis

I recently wrote that the investment in Facebook by Microsoft is a great win for the Redmond-based software company. John Dvorak sees it differently. Mr. Dvorak is one of the best tech writers I know and I have been reading...

ITEXPO West 2007 News

ITEXPO West 2007 News The staggering amount of news and analysis generated from last week’s Internet Telephony Conference & Expo is mind-boggling. Thanks to all the analysts, bloggers, members of the press and everyone else who covered ITEXPO.   Here...

TMCnet Search

We are always trying to innovate here at TMC and recently we have been looking for a way to ensure TMCnet becomes even stickier than it currently is. Our goal is not only to be the primary destination for all...
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