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Smartphones Get Flash. Not iPhone

At a recent event I spoke with an ex-Adobe exec who blamed Apple for Flash not being available on the iPhone. The lack of Flash support on this device is the real Apple tax as I pointed out a while...

Men Swindled More Often Online

It is a shame the concept of Internet fraud exists at all but since it does, it seems natural that people would try to figure out who gets taken in by online fraud the most. Now that the results are...

Android Happenings

There are lots of great things happening in the world of Android over at Mobile World Congress. PC World has a good article on the topic and in it they discuss which processors are Android-compatible and why some exhibitors at...

Nielsen/NetRatings Changes Measurements

The success of sites embodying AJAX has driven a need to change the way websites are measured. Generally, most sites are measured by “page views” or how many pages are viewed on a site. If you were to read 5...

PC World Mention

I have always had a great deal of respect for the IDG publishing group. They do many things well and have been a consistent and steady player in technology magazine publishing. InfoWorld was always one of my favorite magazines as...
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