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Nancy Pelosi OKs Use of Google Glass

At a recent press conference Nancy Pelosi “pointed out” that the reporter asking a question was wearing a pair of Google Glass. She inquired if the reporter was recording and he answered yes and also mentioned the TV cameras behind...

The Most Important Elections of our Lives

For my US readers, next week’s election may be the most important of our lifetimes and if you have noticed my writings have become more political these past few years it is only because politics has become a far greater...

Why There are so Few Jobs

Bogen Communications has been in the telecom space for a long time and I remember running into the company at shows in the nineties. They currently sell audio systems as well as VoIP gateways and office communications equipment and fell...

Dems Bullish on Tech

Regardless of your political affiliation you must realize the technology boom was stronger under the Clinton administration than Bush. Sure Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet but at least he used it. The fact that Dick Cheney didn’t know what...
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