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Lease a Phone for $2,917.20

This story is just too good not to share and it is far from unique. A man has been leasing a phone from AT&T since 1952 and has been paying $4.42 per month for it. Now I am not...

Apple Phone and TV

By now you may have heard of the Apple announcements regarding their new TV and iPhone. The news is everywhere from places like Greg’s blog, to all of the stories below:   Apple CEO "Steve Jobs" unveils long-awaited phone - TV...

AP on VoIP

Here is an in-depth article from the AP on VoIP and the struggle between telephone and cable companies. There is also talk of new and existing VoIP providers and some coverage of Vonage and Skype. I find it interesting that...

Cable vs. Phone

Now that cable and TV companies are beginning to compete with one another it is interesting to see how the battle is becoming perhaps 80% regulatory. The other 20% is competition based on price and features. At least that is...
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